Sales Start the Night Before

Sales Start the Night Before. You can improve your sales presentation and increase your sales if you are mentally prepared. Sales start the night before. In addition to be mentally prepared, you're using the power of your mind to embed your sales presentation in your long-term memory and have it easily accessible to your subconscious [...]

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The Sale Is In Your Head

The Sale Is In Your Head. Many people beat themselves up about thinking they can't sell or that they have not had enough sales training to do sales. This is such a misconception that I really want to set the record straight here. The sale is in your head if you have the correct mentality. Sales is [...]

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Remembering Names Easily

Remembering Names Easily. Many people have difficulty remembering names easily when they meet people for the first time. Whether you are in a sales situation or a social situation, it is crucial that you remember people's name from the get-go. It has been said over and over that the most favorable words that someone wishes to hear [...]

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Write Your Goals on Your Bathroom Mirror

Write Your Goals on Your Bathroom Mirror. Most of the great leaders in sales motivation and self-development training understand the power of the subconscious mind. Write your goals on your bathroom mirror. It’s a habit for me. Goals are very important to your success in business and in life. Most of the very successful people follow [...]

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Power of Human Touch

The Power of Human Touch. It is often said that human touch is a powerful force to all living things. The power of human touch can be used honestly and genuinely in a truthful presentation. I emphasize truthful and honestly because the power of human touch can be abused by someone with immoral intentions. Psychology [...]

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Make One Week Goals

Make One Week Goals Most people are told to make monthly or monthly goals, but the most successful people in the world make one week goals. Goal setting is a basic trait of the most successful people. If you are in a career and you need to get to the next level, or just improve your abilities, you need [...]

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Double Handed Handshake

Double Handed Handshake If you truly want to make a great impression when you first meet somebody or after you have visited with them, you need to learn a genuine and sincere double handed handshake. When you greet somebody for the first time it is customary to shake their hand. The strong handshake is recommended [...]

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Identify the Buyer: The Decision Maker May Be Silent

Identify the Buyer: The Decision Maker May Be Silent Identify the buyer: the decision maker may be Silent. If you have been in a number of presentations throughout your career, you have definitely been distracted by others during your presentation. The person doing all the talking during your presentation may not be the buyer because [...]

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